Fire Blankets

The vast majority of domestic fires occur as a result of cooking. Stove and oven fires can quickly escalate out of control, putting both life and property in serious danger. It is highly recommended to always have stored, a Fire Blanket that is close to hand in the case of an emergency. Fire Blankets are particularly useful for smothering cooking oil fires, fat pan fires or for wrapping around a person whose clothing is on fire. When completely covering the fire, the Fire Blanket will starve oxygen supply to the fire helping to extinguish it.

FireFX Fire Blankets are ideal for use in the home, caravan or boat. Our fibreglass-woven lightweight Fire Blankets are supplied in a protective pouch with eyelet for mounting and includes easy-to-use quick release pull tabs. FireFX Fire Blankets are certified to AS/NZS 3504.

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